JetCard Program

The deLUXE JetCard

Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, the deLUXE JetCard offers the most flexible jet card option in the industry.

As a deLUXE JetCard member you'll enjoy:

  • Pre-purchased flight time starting at 10 hours
  • Guaranteed availability in any cabin size
  • No monthly management fees or long term contracts
  • Up to 25% off qualifying return trips
  • Fully refundable account balances with flight credit that never expires
  • No blackout dates
  • Discounts on qualifying return trips
  • No peak-day restrictions
  • Your choice of four private jet categories with guaranteed availability
  • Complimentary upgrades - where Luxe Air provides a superior cabin size to the one requested, you do not incur a premium
  • Client-requested upgrades/downgrades - request any cabin size without penalty. You will simply be charged according to the cabin category
  • The freedom to apply funds towards on-demand jet charter
  • Point to Point pricing

Take multiple jets or switch between private jet categories without penalty, and when we offer a superior cabin size to the one requested, you do not incur a premium. You will also receive discounts on qualifying return trips. And if you no longer require your deLUXE JetCard you can leave the program at any time without penalty and with a full refund on unused jet card hours.

Your safety is our highest priority, which is why the standards we set exceed FAA requirements and industry norms. Additionally, we can tailor any safety program to meet your specific needs.

Our network of partners span North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, giving our team the resources and knowledge to arrange private jet travel anywhere in the world, anytime.

Plus, Luxe Air offers a Carbon Neutral deLUXE JetCard that allows you to fully offset your aircraft emissions. This optional program costs an additional 2% at the time of purchase.

The deLUXE JetCard makes your private jet travel as hassle-free, safe and comfortable as possible.

deLUXE JetCard Cabin Classes

The deLUXE JetCard gives you the choice between light, midsize, super midsize, or large cabin private jets. Each cabin class has guaranteed availability, plus you can take multiple jets and switch between aircraft categories if required, without penalty.

We offer two levels of the deLUXE JetCard membership, deLUXE JetCard and deLUXE JetCard Diamond, allowing you to choose multiple options based on your requirements. With the deLUXE JetCard Diamond, your aircraft will be an average age of 7 years and with the deLUXE JetCard, you will gain access to a wider range of aircraft with an average age of 10 years.

deLUXE JetCard vs. The Competition

The deLUXE JetCard offers the most flexible solution for today’s private jet traveler. Enjoy guaranteed private jet availability, fully refundable jet card balances, and flight credit that never expire. You can even apply your funds towards on-demand private jet charter. All this, backed by more than 25 years’ experience, industry leading safety standards, and our continued financial stability.

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Minimum Purchase               10 hours    25 hours         25 hours                  $100k deposit   

Response Time (in hours)     12               10                    10                             10   

Refundable at any time         Yes             No                   No                             No   

Long-Term Contract               No              Yes - 1yr         Yes - 1yr                   Yes - 2yrs   

Hours That Never Expire       Yes             No                   No                             Yes   

Fuel Surcharges                      No              No                   Yes                            No   

Change Cabin Size                  Yes             Yes                  No                             Yes   

Round Trip Discount              Yes             Yes                  No                             Yes


Contact one of our staff to discuss current deLUXE JetCard prices and how we can save you money over your current card program.